CLUB MINUTES FOR March 21, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Bob

Vehmeier.  No new guests.

Treasurer’s Report:   Chuck reported that we had two deposits and one debit. A motion made by Dennis  J. and seconded by Arch. The Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Minutes:  Bob stated the minutes from the February meeting are on line.  Judy mentioned the only correction to the minutes is that the Annual Blessings of the Corvettes date of 3/18 should reflect 3/25.  A motion was made by Dennis C.  and seconded by Arch to accept the minutes as written noting that correction and all were in favor.

Member Update: Arch shared with the group that Gene Nobles was supposed to have gotten out the hospital yesterday, but have not heard from him so assume he is still in the hospital.

NCM Update:   Arch reminded the group about the Museum member discount.  Don’t forget to take advantage.  Bob had previously emailed members the information.  The discount on a new car could be around $2000.

Care Committee:  3 March birthdays, Larry, Chuck  and Bob

Facebook:  Betsy – encouraged members to post.

New Business:
Trip to Hendrick Museum 5/18/2017 –   36 members going so far.  Scheduled to have a meeting day before leaving.  We will do tour and see what happens from there.  Group may be too large to go through the race shop.  Different tour information was previously provided to members.  Will try to go to dinner as a group Thursday night.  Maybe a lunch as well.

St. Armand’s Circle Show in Sarasota 5/6/2017 – A few of the members are signed up to go.  Bob is going up Saturday.

Festival of Speed 3/26/2017 –  Dennis C. is going.  Bob said there really wasn’t much interest.

Citrus Vettes & Camaros 3/25/2017 (rescheduled from 3/12) – Historic downtown Inverness – Conflict now with Blessings of the Vettes.  Gary is going and will pick up goody bags for the club.

Blessing of the Vettes 3/25 – Cody’s for lunch following event – Reservations have been made for the group at Cody’s (total of 40).  We will meet at Leesburg Bowling Alley at 9am and go as a group.  Will leave by 9:15am to head to the event.

Past Event Reports:
Car show at Lake Eustis Christian Church 3/4/207 – Youth Fundraiser – Dell said everything went great.  Raised more money than last year.
Eustis Cruise-In 2/18/2017 – Cold and miserable.  Very few cars.
Highway 441 – 3/1/2017  -  Cold and miserable.  Mostly Corvettes.  1st Wednesday of the month.
Citrus Tower 3/4/2017 – Mary & Ed were the only members to attend.
Pinewood Derby 3-18-2017 -  12 cars from the club attended.  Nice to support the Cub Scouts.

Ongoing Monthly Events:
Bowling – Break Point in Eustis – 7 PM - 3/31/2017 – Could be conflict because of Harbor Hills event.  That starts at 6.  Bob said we may cancel bowling this month because of it.
Citrus Tower -1st Saturday of the month – 5 – 8 PM - 4/1/2017
Highway 441 Monthly Cruise-In – 1st Wednesday of the month – 5 to 8 PM - 4/5/2017
Eustis Cruise-In – 4rd Sat. of the month – 5 to 8 PM – 3/25/2017 .  May try to go if we get back from the Blessings of the Corvette/Cody’s event.

Upcoming Activities:

Festival of Speed at Mission Inn – Sunday - 3/26/2017
Blessing of the Vettes – Sat. 3/25/2017 
Harbor Hills Car Show – 3/31/2017 - Members can meet at Denny’s in Leesburg at 1:30  to 1:45pm.
Annual Picnic at Hickory Point Park on 4/8/2017.  Bob asked that desserts be kept to a minimum.  Need members to confirm who is going.  Starts at 10am thru 2pm. Bob trying to reach out to Chet to take group picture.  Arch and Fred will park members as they arrive.  Chuck will be taking pictures of individual members with their cars, who haven’t had picture taken or have purchased new cars.

Get to Know Our Members: ???

Next Meeting:
Planning Meeting – Wed., 5/3/2017 – 4:00 PM - Vann Gannaway –
General Meeting – Tues, 5/16/2017 - 7:00 PM, at the UMAC Center in Tavares.

50/50 Drawing:  Won by Larry

Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn by Arch and seconded by Anita.