​The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Bob Vehmeier.  Bob introduced Susan from Cornerstone Hospice.   The Board presented a check for $1,000 to Hospice ($500 from the club and $500 from Vann Gannaway).   Susan said they were very grateful especially since we did not have a car show in November and we still remembered them and donated money.

Treasurer’s Report:
  Chuck reported that we had various deposits and expenses.  A motion was made that we accept the Treasurer’s report by Mary J. and seconded by Gary S.   All were in favor.

Minutes:  Bob stated the minutes from the January meeting are on line.  A motion was made by Steve M. and seconded by Dennis J. to accept the minutes as written and all were in favor.

Member Update:  Bob Hill is here at the meeting tonight and it is good to see him.  He said that Carol is also doing well.  Rich Gander is doing better after falling off a ladder and fracturing his ribs.

NCM Update:  Bob reminded members that we have tickets to the National Corvette Museum if anyone is planning a trip there.

Care Committee:  Maureen wished all the members having birthdays in March, April and May a Happy Birthday.

Facebook:   Betsy went through the current membership list and took off the members who did not renew this year.  If you are going to post any upcoming events (we thank you for doing so), please run them by Betsy or Bob first.  Feel free to post pictures of any events the club has participated in.

Old Business:
Bob mentioned that at the last meeting he brought up having a Corvettes and Coffee event at the Mall.   He ran it by Vann Gannaway and they did not have any issues with it.  Bob stated that most car clubs have some type of show and by doing this we can keep our name out there.   We can get boxes of coffee and donuts at the Dunkin Donuts located there and possibly ask for a $5.00 donation for the event.  We can do Corvettes or GM cars.  After a short discussion, it was decided to form a committee to come up with some ideas – Bob will send an e-mail out to see who is interested and Doug B. and Dennis J. said they would be part of that.  Bob will contact the Lake Square Mall to make sure they are interested in doing this.

Bob showed the members the new sign we have to take to shows with us.  It is a PVC sign and was paid for by Vann Gannaway.   It will be easier to take than the banner we currently have.

New Business:
Club Picnic – Will be on March 31st at Hickory State Park off of Route 19 from 11am to 2pm and we will eat at 12pm.  Please bring a dessert and something to drink.  Oakwood will provide the main course.

We had such a great ride that Dennis put together, we thought we might do another one.  Dennis said he will look into doing that.

Georgefest Parade – There is now a new person handling the parade and Vann Gannaway would pay the fee.  We can discuss if we want to participate as we get closer to the February event.

Past Event Reports:
Bowling – Cindy had a high game of 213 at the last bowling night and Jeff had the high game the month before.

Car Ride – We had a great ride through Sumter County and Dennis and Nadine did a great job with this.

Mid Lake Car Show – We had 15 cars there.

Gateway Classics – A few people did go, but the turnout was very poor.

Eustis Cruise-in – We had a great turnout in January.   There was no show in February due to Georgefest.

Lake Eustis Christian School – We had a few cars there.  Fred L. won Best of Show.

On-going Monthly Events:
Eustis Cruise – 4th Saturday of the month    

Bowling – Last Friday of the month

Highway 441 Dinner Cruise-in- First Wednesday of the month

Citrus Tower in Clermont – First Saturday of the month

Upcoming Activities:
Corvettes & Coffee – At Robin Rogerson’s house on the 3rd Saturday of the month

Harbor Hills Show– 3/30

Club Picnic -  3/31

Blessing of the Vettes at George Nahas Chevy on 4/7 – We have always had a great time and will leave from the Leesburg Bowling Alley at 9:15 am.

CCMC at Cecil Clark – 4/14

Corvettes on the Circle – show in Sarasota on 5/5 – most of us go up in the morning and stay overnight.

Caravan to Corvette Museum for the 25th anniversary – 8/28/2019

Member Input, Comments, ETC.: 
Mary J. mentioned that some people have thought that 65 members were too many for the club (this is our current limit) and that it is a burden on the Board as well.  After a short discussion, it was decided that Bob would send an e-mail out to see how the members felt about this.   We did have some members drop out and there is no one on the waiting list right now.   We can revisit this later in the year.

50/50 Drawing – Won by Steve M.

Planning Meeting will be on Wednesday, May2, 2018, and “General Meeting” will be on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, at the UMAC Center in Tavares at 7:00 PM.

Adjourned – Motion to adjourn by Steve M. and seconded by Doug B.