CLUB MINUTES FOR Jan. 16, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Bob

Vehmeier.  Larry R. introduced his brother who will be moving down here.   He owns a C-6.  One of our members had his 54 Vette judged at Lakeland.  Bob mentioned our club is lucky to have two 53 Vettes (#16 & 44).

Treasurer’s Report Chuck mentioned that he made our filings with the IRS in November, and reported that we had various deposits and expenses including our Christmas Party.  A motion was made that we accept the Treasurer’s report by Arch A. and seconded by Steve M.   All were in favor.

Minutes:  Bob stated the minutes from the November meeting are on our website.  A motion was made by Steve M. and seconded by Arch A. to accept the minutes as written and all were in favor.

Member Update:  Carol Hill is in the hospital and Bob Hill had a heart attack and is also in the hospital as well.  Ed Beauchamp sent in his dues, but is undergoing chemotherapy and wants to remain a member. A motion was made and seconded that we return his check and keep him as an honorary member for now until his health is better.  All were in favor.

NCM Update:  Rich stated nothing is new and reminded members they can buy tickets for the monthly Corvette drawing.

Care Committee:  Maureen wished all the members with birthdays in January, February and March a Happy Birthday.

Facebook:   Betsy thanked members who have been posting pictures to our Facebook page and asked them to keep them coming.

Old Business:
Bob reported that the Board met with Chip Gannaway and they want to continue being a sponsor.  We talked about various things we can do and they sent us a check for $1000.00.  We can use part of that money along with money from our club to make a donation to Hospice as we have done in the past after our car shows.  Rich G. made a motion, seconded by Arch A. to make a donation of $1,000 to Hospice and have the Board meet at Vann Gannaway with Hospice and give them a check before the next meeting.  We can then post this on our Facebook page, etc.  All were in favor.

New Business:
The church where we meet was very happy with our donation of $200 for their youth program.  

Sunday Ride - In the past we have done a ride through the county and Bob stated Dennis is willing to map out a route through Sumter County and end up at Russell Stover.  

Bob reminded the membership that dues were due by the end of January.                                       

Poker Run – Nothing is new on this and we are still looking into the logistics.

Corvettes and Coffee at the Mall – Bob mentioned that a lot of the big car shows are going away with smaller shows taking their place.   Bob thought about a Corvettes and Coffee show at the Lake Square Mall.   We would limit this to Corvettes.  Bob will talk with the mall representatives and see if they are interested and report back at the next meeting to see if we want to do this.

Sign for club – We have e-mailed Amy at Vann Gannaway to get their logo and we will get a smaller sign made to take to all our shows.  Vann Gannaway will pay for sign.

Past Event Reports:
Bowling – First game Doug had a 168; and the second game Mark S. also had  168.

Christmas Party – We had a great turnout (63 people) and everyone had a good time.  The   leftovers went to to the local fire department. A special thanks to Anita K. for handling the Secret Santa.

Christmas Parade – It was good and our club had a great turnout.

Eustis Cruise-in – We had another good turnout from the club.  There were lot of cars there but we were able to park together.

NCRS Show – This is the last one in Lakeland, and we did have some members attending.

On-going Monthly Events:
Eustis Cruise – 4th Saturday of the month    
Bowling – Last Friday of the month
Highway 441 Dinner Cruise-in- First Wednesday of the month
Citrus Tower in Clermont – First Saturday of the month

Upcoming Activities:
Corvettes & Coffee – At Robin Rogerson’s house on the 3rd Saturday of the month
Village Vettes – Show at Grand Oaks on 1/21
Day of Duels – Daytona – 2/15
Corvettes on the Circle – Sarasota on 5/5 – Most of us go up in the morning and stay overnight.
Caravan to Corvette Museum for the 25th anniversary – 8/28/2019

50/50 Drawing – Won by Cindy V.

Planning Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, and “General Meeting” will be on Tuesday, March 20th, at the UMAC Center in Tavares at 7:00 PM.

Adjourned – Motion to adjourn by Arch A. and seconded by Steve M.