CLUB MINUTES FOR May 16, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Bob

Vehmeier.  Bob welcomed guest Mark Skeins.

Treasurer’s Report:   Chuck reported that we had various deposits and expenses.  On a motion made by Steve M. and seconded by Dennis J., the Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Minutes:   Bob stated the minutes from the May meeting are on line.  A motion was made by Steve M. and seconded by Susan R. to accept the minutes as written and all were in favor.

Member Update:   Gene N. has lung cancer and is undergoing chemo treatments.

NCM Update:   No current updates.

Care Committee:   Maureen stated the following members have birthdays coming up: Larry R., Nadine J. and Cindy V.

Facebook:   Betsy encouraged members to contribute to our Facebook page with pictures from anything we have been to.

Old Business:

Bob said we have some new members and existing ones that do not have their pictures on our website – please send pictures with your cars to Bob.

New Business:
August Event – Fred mentioned that there is a gentlemen he knows near Deland that has quite a collection of various items.   The date has been set for Saturday, August 12th.   We will go to Brian’s BBQ first and then head over to this gentlemen’s home.  Bill Mattis and Barbara Smith checked out a restaurant near New Smyrna (Norwoods) and we will look into going there in September (maybe the 9th).

Member Requirements – Bob mentioned that right now we are at our maximum according to our by-laws.  One member did resign because he sold his Corvettevette so we now have an opening and Bob is going to speak with the next person on the waiting list that was interested in joining.  We would now like to require that a member attend two meetings a year and two events a year (any event we go to including monthly shows) in order to retain membership.  This will go into effect starting January 1, 2018.  We will include wording for this in our Bylaws (with Mary Javor's help), and then bring it back to the membership at our Sept. meeting for approval.

Club Anniversary Dinner – We moved this to October and we will look into facilities that can handle 50 -60 people.

Donation to Sandy – As many are aware Sandy’s husband Ron (from the Great Pizza Company in Eustis), was hit by a car while he was in his golf cart.   He is now paralyzed and the medical bills will be extensive.  Sandy has been instrumental in keeping the Eustis show going these past few years, as well as being a sponsor for our annual show.  A motion was made by Gary and seconded by Steve for the club to donate $200 to Sandy to help her.   All were in favor.

Past Event Reports:
Trip to Hendricks – it was a great trip.   The place was unbelievable and we thank Dennis Jester and Bob Wade for setting this up.   Maureen mentioned that we got to see the garage in action as they were getting ready for a race and it was great.

Blackwater Inn – It was another good outing there and everyone had a good time.   Thanks to Jeff B. for setting this up.

Shows - Eustis – We had 10 cars in June.  Highway 441 – June got rained out and July’s event did not have many cars, but a good member turnout.  Citrus Tower had a good member turnout in June, but was rained out in July.  Gateway Classics we had about 8 cars there in June.

Bowling – Jeff had a high game of 174 followed by Maureen with a 161 (her best game!).

Groveland 4th of July – Fred won a trophy but only 54 total cars showed up – however, we had a good turnout.  Not sure the afternoon was a good time to have it.  May be back to a 10am to 2pm show next year.

On-going Monthly Events:
Eustis Cruise – 4th Saturday of the month    
Bowling – Last Friday of the month
Highway 441 Dinner Cruise-in- First Wednesday of the month
Citrus Tower in Clermont – First Saturday of the month

Upcoming Activities:
Cruisin with the Classics Benton House in Clermont on 7/22/17 9am-11am

Gator Harley  - 7/29 show

Marion Co. Corvette Show – 11/18/17 – be sure to register as it is limited to 170 cars

Lakeland Auto Show – 10/21/17 – be sure to register before the price goes up on September 1.

Caravan to Corvette Museum for the 25th anniversary – 8/28//2019

Mary mentioned you can drive your Corvette on the track at NCMM Motor Sports track (4 laps for $199).

Christmas Party – Set for Friday, December 8th at Pennbrooke Fairways in Leesburg (same place as last year).   We will have the same DJ and the food has been ordered.  We will do the white elephant gift exchange again for those who wish to participate.

Gary mentioned about the Sebring Thunder Car Show on September 15-17.

50/50 Drawing – Won by Jackie B.

Planning Meeting will be on Wednesday, September 6th and “General Meeting” will be on Tuesday, September 19th, at the UMAC Center in Tavares at 7:00 PM

Adjourned – Motion to adjourn by Steve M. and seconded by Larry R.